Conditions of use

1. Regulations for posting

To meet the growing demand for your everyday car transactions, EVPlaza.com does not limit the number of listings you can advertise on our website. And not begging you to

– Publishers on EVPlaza.com are entirely responsible for the accuracy of the content of that announcement.

– Announcements must be spelled correctly according to Thai vocabulary and grammar.

– The message does not contain any content other than the purchase, purchase of electric motorcycles, electric cars and equipment related to electric vehicles.

– Reserves the right to sell all types of batteries.

– Each announcement must have only 1 sale announcement.

– The content of the announcement must be accurate. Have complete information about the car to be sold. And the declared vehicle must have a transaction status

– The pictures in the announcement must be correct according to the actual shape of the car. And do not include links to other websites in the image

– Do not post a duplicate that is posted on the website

– All announcements will be reviewed and approved by the staff of EVPlaza.com. We have the right to amend announcements to meet the standards. And reject any notices that do not comply with these regulations Or violating any of the following

Spamming multiple posts with the same content From many different accounts Or sell more than 1 product in 1 announcement
There is deception, not transparent. According to the notifications of other users And confirmed by the staff of EVPlaza.com
Do not pay the posting fee according to the terms of EVPlaza.com.

If you have any questions about posting and managing accounts Please contact EVPlaza.com’s customer service department for advice and answers.

2. To give you the best service and benefits We will collect this information from customers.

A. Personal Information (Name-Surname, Birthday, Address, Sex)

B. Contact information (telephone number receiving mail, email, fax number)

C. Member registration website

D. Assets owned by customers and announced for sale

3. The above information is used for the following purposes

A. Control the posting and examination of information published before disclosure.

B. Control the number of customers using the service.

C. Control the promotion announcement, providing promotion information to customers, such as the latest promotion information New product or service bid

D. Improve service quality for customers

E. Control, analyze customer data

F. Receive information, comments, and suggestions from customers for service quality improvement and problem resolution when customers need it via the Facebook fanpage EV Plaza.

If using the said information for other purposes not mentioned above We will inform customers in advance. If the customer refuses to provide information We do not guarantee about the best service.

4. Data collection methods

The above information is collected through the membership registration form and form filling out when posting.

5. Data visibility period

– EVPlaza.com Will maintain the right to display information posted by our customers in our internal systems during service to the customer until completion of data retention Or until the customer wants to cancel the announcement

– EVPlaza.com Will give the right to cancel Edit product information If the advertiser doesn’t use the information within 90 days, the system will delete it automatically.

6. Personal information certification

We use appropriate safeguards, such as considering data storage. Protect internal data to prevent unauthorized access or change Disclosure or destruction of information Only the officials of EVPlaza.com are operating or modifying the service. Users are required to maintain customer privacy and may be subject to penalties such as termination of employment or criminal prosecution if violating customer privacy.

– All members are responsible for keeping the access code confidential. EVPlaza.com guarantees not to disclose or provide member information to third parties. Your data will be placed on servers and files.

– Privacy regulations may have some defects due to technical issues or similar issues. EVPlaza.com is not responsible for damages caused by errors.

– We must disclose information if necessary to protect the property and safety of EVPlaza.com and others, or when law enforcement agencies request it.

– The advertiser will be responsible for the accuracy and all legal disputes related to the posted information

7. Changes to the privacy policy

If you have any questions or concerns Regarding this privacy policy, please contact us from 09.30 – 17.00 hrs.
Via the channel

-Facebook fanpage Ev plaza: https://www.facebook.com/evplazaofficial/

– Phone number 06-5938-9796

EV Plaza

EVPlaza.com Terms of Use

(“Company”) would like to thank all users who visit and use various transaction services on the company’s website to build trust. And understand about With the use of the company’s website The company would like to inform that the company has a policy to protect personal data Every person of the user In brief as follows

Information not being represented (Disclaimer policy)

Information that the company receives from you The company will bring to develop, modify, improve to provide website services. The company is efficient and provides maximum benefits to service users. Presenting information, news, articles, or any other messages either All of this website is just a service for collecting information of electric vehicles, knowledge, academic database and various knowledge including as a forum to express ideas, exchange ideas or exchange information. Between users only, therefore the company does not endorse The accuracy of all information, news, messages, articles, or any other terms set forth on this website. In addition, the company does not endorse The accuracy of the information in the advertisement of electric vehicles such as pictures, prices, and various specifications. Therefore, interested parties should contact Directly with the seller or manufacturer of electric vehicles to inquire about the correct information. Agreements for purchase of electric vehicles That advertised with the company It is an agreement between the buyer and seller. The company does not take part in trading. Therefore the company will not accept Responsible for the result of That purchase

Legal Copyrights (Copyrights)

The company would like to inform general users that all text, images, sounds, content, and any components of the website, including but not limited to trademarks Service marks, names, trade names, patents, knowhow, etc. that appear on this website of this company is a work received Protection under Thai intellectual property law In the event that any person copying, copying, forging, reproducing, disseminating to the public, distributing, renting, or performing any act in a manner that is seeking benefits Commercial or improper benefits regardless of intellectual property Above Without permission from the company, the company will proceed according to the law With the right infringer immediately

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